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Assembling fluidising bed
Using Munch extrusion welding equipment.

Poly Pipe Welding

Pipefusion Engineering Polyethylene Pipe Welding Contractors

Poly Pipe Welding

Pipefusion Engineering has over 20 years experience in the Polyethylene pipe welding fabrication Industry and committed to providing the highest standard of services to our customers. Pipefusion Engineering for polyethylene butt fusion welding to ISO 21307.

450 Dia Polyethylene Pipeline Griffith NSW

450 Polyethylene Pipeline

Polyethylene pipe welding; Butt welding involves the heating of two pipe ends to fusion temperature 200 to 240 degrees Celsius and then subsequently joining the two ends by applying force using a hydraulic carriage.

A successful butt weld requires the correct combination of time temperature and pressure and there are no welding consumables.

The successful completion of a butt weld joint is based on the skills of the welder and the adherence to correct surface preparation and weld procedures.

Butt welding Polyethylene pipeline

Butt welding Polyethylene pipeline Griffith NSW

Polyethylene Pipe Welding; Examination and testing of PE pipe welds is based on visual and destructive options.

NDT visual examination of butt welds Bead examination. Destructive testing of butt welds include Tensile testing laboratory conditions are required and cost depending on size and class of pipe. Bend testing can be carried out in the field.

Rotary Peeler electrofusion welding

Rotary Peeler

Polyethylene Pipe Welding; Electrofusion Used when fusing Polyethylene pipe using fittings that have built-in electric heating elements which are used to weld the joint together. These fittings can be pipe couplers, bends, tees, and saddles, a tremendous amount of care is required and not to be underestimated in the joint preparation for successful joint life span.

The key to consistently making satisfactory joints is to follow the jointing procedure with particular emphasis on pipe surface preparation, avoidance of contamination, machine calibration, as well as temperature monitoring and control.The pressure rating of the final welded joint is the lowest rated pipe or fitting assembly.

Internal Bead removal

Removing Internal bead

Polyethylene Pipe Welding; There are actually four reasons why internal bead removal is an important factor to consider.

Flow Restriction – Even though flow reduction is minimal, there is still a restriction at the bead location. This can create a problem when pigging a pipe for blockage or when the Polyethylene pipe is used as a casing for telecommunication conduits.

Stimulated Blockage – It’s easy to understand how sediment can build against a bead during a slow flow rate. This is the beginning of blockage as large debris become embedded in the sediment.

Bacteria Entrapment In the silicon industry it is common to use Polyethylene and Polypropylene in de-ionized water piping systems where bacteria or other particle entrapment is detrimental.

Turbulence Wear – With increased flow the bead creates a turbulence that generates wear when slurries of abrasive materials flow through the Pipeline. The bead will eventually wear away decreasing turbulence but the effect is a thinner wall cross-section in the bead location. Turbulence can never be removed from joint pipe systems.

Extrusion Welding

Extrusion welding fluidising to flour silo bas

Polyethylene pipe Welding; Extrusion welding is one of the processes used to join thermoplastics The process uses a welding head that has a nozzle for hot air and an extruder that pushes filler material out so a quality continuous welding consumable is required with the same chemical and physical properties as the parent material.

Joint design include: Butt joints, Single-V, Double-V, T-Joints, Overlap joints and very similar to that of steel preparation and welding.

Pipefusion Engineering with fifteen years experience is the only company in Australia endorsed and trained by Reimelt Germany to carry out fluidising bed replacement using Polyethylene fabrication and welding technique.

Polyethylene pipe welding and Installation

Poly pipe welding Installation

Pipefusion Engineering pipe welding and fabrication services Include but are not limited to pump installation and equipment installation, servicing civil construction, industrial process chemical manufacturing and waste water treatment.

We offer mechanical installation and custom metal fabrication services to compliment and facilitate our work in the field. Some of our work includes, but is not limited to: pipe supports, tank repairs alterations, maintenance and specialised stainless steel pipe and tube welding.